Willy Lopez
Portrayed by Rick Aviles
Biological statistics
Born Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Professional information
Occupation Thug
Relationship information
Relationship None
Willy Lopez is a Puerto Rican unemplyed man. He is the secondary antagonist. He killed Sam Wheat. He is killed by the Ghosts.

Background Edit

Played by Rick Aviles. Willy lives alone in a small flat in Oda Mae Brown's neighborhood. He is seen to drink Pepsi and eats noodles.

Ghost Edit

Willy Lopez first appears when Molly Jenson and Sam Wheat walk past him. He holds a gun and stalks them briefly. Sam turns round and asks him what he wants. Willy says he wants his wallet (Sam thinking he wants his money) gives the wallet but says he has to keep the bank statement. After a struggle with a gun, Willy shoots Sam. After seeing this he runs off.

Willy is seen again when he gets into the apartment. Molly is inside, and Sam tries to warn her. But as neither can hear him, he scares the cat, the cat pounces on Willy, and Willy runs off. Sam follows Willy to his apartment in Brooklyn. He learns his name is Willy Lopez.

Sam meets Oda Mae Brown, who is a con artist posing as a medium. Sam tries to get Oda Mae's attention while she's working with Rosa Santiago. Eventually Sam convinces Oda Mae to go to Molly and warn her.

Sam goes to visit Willy. When surprisingly, Carl Bruner appears. And says that he needs a book of passwords to launder money.

Willie tries to kidnap Oda Mae, while she's with her friends. She runs into another flat. While Willy is in Oda Mae's, Sam scares Willie, and he runs out into a road, a truck swerves, and crushes Willy into another car. Killing him. Willy's ghost is then dragged away by undead spirits.


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